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Lorena/25/Lima-Perú/k-pop lover/i reblog most of the times, but when i have time i search pictures on weibo or twitter and then i post them with the owner's link of course!! :)/

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little diamond ♡

@HZT-ao: 谢谢@周觅MI 哥邀请我参与这么有意义的公益活动 冰水的寒意不及渐冻症病人痛苦的万分之一 我不点名任何人了 在 关注渐冻人症 关注罕见病 为罕见病病人献出一份爱心 也希望大家好好珍惜自己的健康

clumsy Taozi stumbles over his own feet and get pulled up by Xiumin & Zhoumi

EXO for Die Jungs 1280x1758
SourceSweet Blossom

EXO's Park Chanyeol for 1st Look: EXO x MCM

EXO for Die Jungs 1000x1372
Sourcenamoo kkun