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chanyeol wants you to come closer

Chanyeol’s cutie LOL…


Honestly, I’ve only known of Ladies Code from random article titles, but to hear about the devastation they’re going through makes me shed quite a few tears for them. My deepest condolences to EunB and RiSe. May you rest in peace.


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Ladies Code - I’m fine thank you [English subs + Romanization + Hangul] HD

You hid your tears in front of me again

in case I could see them

without knowing , you’re late already

Today I only waited for you

I’m such a fool for calling only for you

But someday you’ll look for me

waiting for a long time, tear accumulate

and another day passes like this

Today I cry

I wish you happiness forever, goodbye

sometimes I think of you and smile

I’m fine thank you, thank you

Rest in Peace EunB  


Even if you’re not a Ladies Code fan you should still reblog. #PrayForLadiesCode count this as a prayer,” along with a text photo reading, “Fandom hug. Pass it on.”

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